Drexel University Suspends Professor Who Blamed Las Vegas Shooting On ‘White Masculinity’

There are many reasons why Stephen Paddock shot people in Las Vegas, but being a white man probably isn’t one of them.

Following the massacre, a tenured professor at Drexel University decided the fault was entirely to blame on the shooter’s white privilege and his toxic masculinity. He is now on administrative leave.

George Ciccariello-Maher first entered the public limelight earlier this year when he claimed to support white genocide. His comments prompted swift outrage from the public.

The professor, who is an Antifa supporter and professor of politics and global studies at Drexel, announced on social media that the university placed him on administrative leave following his tweets about Las Vegas, as documented by the Daily Caller.

“White people and men are told that they are entitled to everything. This is what happens when they don’t get what they want,” said the professor. “The narrative of white victimization has been gradually built over the past 40 years.”

Cicariello-Maher doubled down on his argument in an op-ed for the Washington Post. He blamed the massacre on the “white supremacist patriarchy,” claiming that mass shooters are always white men. He claims in his article that white men in particular suffer from a case of “double entitlement” that, when frustrated, can be occasionally violent.

“To be both white and male is to be subject to a potent cocktail of entitlement to economic and political power, and to dominate nonwhite and female bodies,” he claims.

According to his WaPo op-ed, the professor said that he asked students to explain to him the relationship between massacres and white masculinity following the Las Vegas attack. He claims that by putting him on administrative leave, the school is depriving his students of their academic freedom.

“By bowing to pressure from racist internet trolls, Drexel has sent the wrong signal: That you can control a university’s curriculum with anonymous threats of violence,” said the professor, who suggested that he may pursue legal action against his detractors.

“Due to a growing number of threats directed at Professor George Ciccariello-Maher, and increased concerns about both his safety and the safety of Drexel’s community, after careful consideration the University has decided to place Professor Ciccariello-Maher on administrative leave,” explained Niki Gianakaris, Drexel’s executive director for media relations.

She explained that the decision was a “necessary step” for the safety of the school.



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