YouTube Pulls The Trigger, Kills Gun Modding Videos

The massacre in Las Vegas has triggered progressives into calling for online censorship of gun-related material. Progressive as always, YouTube is responding.

Never mind the fact that perfectly legal gun modding in the United States has probably never killed anyone, anti-gun progressives are blaming Stephen Paddock’s mass shooting of hundreds of innocent people on the possibility that he modified his firearms with a bump stock.

If handled properly, a bump stock can boost a user’s rate of fire while aiming. The National Rifle Association has been open to a restriction on bump stock sales, but opposed an outright ban of the modification.

Following progressive outrage, YouTube has decided to pull the trigger on gun modification videos.

Speaking to Engadget, a YouTube spokesperson said on Monday that they are now banning legal tutorials on gun modification. The spokesperson says it’s an expansion of an existing policy on the prohibition of “harmful and dangerous content.” They argue that gun modding videos demonstrate “how to convert firearms to make them fire more quickly,” and thus fall under the existing rule.

By removing videos detailing how to safely modify guns, which is permissible by law, YouTube is creating a danger for people who have no idea what they’re doing, who will now be forced to modify their firearms without any proper guidance.

The decision to ban gun modding videos is just the latest action in YouTube’s censorship of “offensive” content. The company has previously demonetized political commentary and citizen journalism.

According to Engadget, YouTube will ban any videos that sell or promote firearms, in addition to conversion devices and mods like the bump stock.

While YouTube has issued a ruling against gun modification videos, they have yet to remove any of the supposedly offensive material. A quick search on YouTube for “bump stock” shows dozens of videos explaining how the modification works, as well as commentary on the subject.

Should YouTube proceed in banning videos on gun modification, they’ll also have to extend the ban to cover all gun-related videos and channels like LegallyArmedAmerica and FPS Russia.

Feature Image via The Blaze



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