Air Force One Moment Please: Trump Stops Takeoff to Check On Cop Injured in His Motorcade

After his recent visit to Indianapolis, President Trump stopped Air Force One from taking off, long enough to chat with an officer who was injured while escorting the motorcade.

According to Breitbart, President Trump surprised an officer from the Indianapolis police force with a phone call. Trump was scheduled to travel back to Washington aboard Air Force One, but he delayed takeoff in order to speak with Cycle Officer Turner, who was injured escorting the president during his stay in Indianapolis.

Prior to President Trump’s conversation with Officer Turner, the president’s staff checked with Chief Bryan Roach of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) to ensure the cycle officer was well enough to take the call. Though personal outreach from the White House isn’t unheard of, in this case the president spontaneously interrupted Air Force One’s schedule to be part of that himself. Officer Turner suffered a broken ankle and possible contusion in a collision on his motorcycle, but there’s no indication that he is in any further danger, and nobody else was injured in the incident.

During his trip to Indianapolis, President Trump presented his proposed simplification of the tax code, stating it would “begin the middle-class miracle once again.” He promoted a three-tier tax plan – 12 percent, 25 percent, and 35 percent – to apply to different income brackets. Additionally, Trump advocated eliminating the marriage penalty – when a couple marries, if both their incomes are moderately high, they’ll end up paying more taxes than before they were married – a change associated with his pro-family stance.

President Trump also stated that many families in the country would be able to file taxes on a single piece of paper, suggesting the simpler tax code would ensure most people would have no need to pay for assistance with their taxes.

President Trump addressed the impact he hopes the overall tax code would have on the economy, citing a proposed 25 percent tax rate cap for millions of small businesses and farms, with less restrictive equipment write-off policies. By reducing taxes on small businesses, as well as farms, the Trump plan hopes to empower additional capital to create new positions or offer better wages to Americans workers. Likewise, the plan reduces taxes to lure companies operating in cheaper labor markets overseas to return to the States for some tax relief.

Trump summarized his goal, saying, “We want our companies to hire and grow in America, to raise wages for American workers, and to help rebuild American cities and towns.”

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  1. DaisyToo

    October 2, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    Thank you God, for President Trump. Recall what Hillary calls the police (and tight her awful, insipid, daughter to say when in the White House) and Secret Service people who protect her: Pigs.

  2. ssgtnelson

    October 2, 2017 at 7:53 pm

    What a good guy… regardless… that looks like Colorado Springs with Pikes Peak in the background.

    • Chris Richardson

      October 16, 2017 at 12:33 pm

      It probably is. Gotta have a good photo at the top of the article.

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