“Whiteness and Education” Journal’s Peer Review Process is Typical of “A Predatory Journal”

Apparently, fact checking is a white-person problem, and “Whiteness and Education” has shrugged off the “whitestream” philosophy of fact-based academics.

In the past couple of years, the value of a college education has been called into question. In many cases, people have found that, in recent years, a college degree has less impact, relative to rapidly increasing costs, though it’s very clear that the value of a college degree is primarily in the field of study, as the 20 highest paid degrees are all STEM fields, while the lowest paid are primarily the sort of degrees that lead to things called “Whiteness and Education” finding validation, despite its peer review process being virtually non-existent, with one paper having been accepted the very same day it was submitted.

One expert, Jeffrey Beall, speaking to  Campus Reform, explained what that sort of process means:

If research articles [are] being accepted this quickly, then yes, something is wrong. If it is accepting research articles within several days after their submission, then the journal is showing a characteristic of a predatory journal.

Fact checking is old hat these days, as we’ve seen a cavalcade of once-respected mainstream media outlets backpedaling, retracting, and settling, all the while maintaining that their news is real, and only the Russians and Republicans actually publish fake news. Of course, the more examples of misinformation in the mainstream media you present, the easier it is for the media to frame you as a bigoted conspiracy theorist, since fact checking is no longer a journalistic imperative. It’s a shame, if unsurprising, that academia has taken the cue and launched its own campaign of lunacy.

Predatory journals like “Whiteness and Education” aren’t the problem, so much as a symptom of fact-resistant college educators and general public. If Rolling Stone can’t be bothered to verify a story accusing college kids of a serious crime, why would editors at a pseudo-scholarly journal dedicated to nothing but opinions on white privilege feel it was necessary? Well, clearly they do not.

Academics blaming racism has been flagging, as ludicrous feminist notions, like an inherent gender bias in the principles of math, and that objective scientific facts are some kind of patriarchal tool designed to keep women out of STEM field continue to be propagated into broader society. In both cases, though, the most fact-resistant strains of liberalism stop even questioning the absurdity, and then take to vilifying anybody that does.

Of course, fact checking does assume that there is an “objective fact,” which we’ve learned is just another sexist tool of oppression, making this the most consistent position the left has these days.

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