Rolling Stone, the Smoking Gun in the Death of Journalism, Can’t Escape Its UVA Rape Hoax

The Rolling Stone published a rape hoax before verifying even the basic details. This is why the public doesn’t trust the media.

Rolling Stone magazine’s notorious publication, then retraction of a discredited rape hoax on University of Virginia (UVA) campus may be the singular moment in time when the public’s faith in the media, and thus journalism itself, began to sprint towards obsolescence.

While much of the left still seems surprised that the public doesn’t much trust the mainstream media, it’s largely liberal media responsible for the downward spiral journalism has been experiencing for years now. It goes further back than 2014, of course, but the Rolling Stone article about the easily-disproved gang rape of a student on campus may have been the gut shot that left public faith bleeding out. The litany of lawsuits that followed proved malicious defamation by the reporter against the former Associate Dean Nicole Eramo, to the tune of $3 million.

Yes, that is a trivial sum of money for a publication like Rolling Stone, but the public flogging being dragged out for yet another year is absolutely priceless. Even while many leftists actively defended the magazine’s decision to trust the accuser to the point of not verifying the most basic details of her fabrication – Evidence is a tool of the patriarchy, as it were. – the legal system was taking the outlet to task. It seems the jury decision confirming malicious intent, a $1.65 million settlement with the targeted fraternity back in June, and a judge dismissing the defamation suits filed by three fraternity members, had lulled Rolling Stone founder and majority stakeholder Jann Wenner into a false sense of security, as he announced his intent to sell the majority stake in the magazine this week.

On Tuesday came the schadenfreude for Rolling Stone‘s victims and their supporters, as the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in Manhattan reversed the judge’s decision to dismiss two of the three fraternity members’ defamation cases. With the magazine having taken an extended beating over the last three years – For reference, Conor McGregor only lasted 10 rounds. – an unexpected resurrection of what Wenner must have hoped was history is likely to limit the list of prospective buyers.

With Hillary constantly complaining about how the pesky Russians and their “fake news” were the reason she lost the election, it seems unlikely the left will acknowledge the liberal media’s propensity for publishing blatant fabrications before fact checking them.

As consolation prizes go, though, this is not the worst.

New York Times Via Breitbart


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