Olympic Gold Medalist Apologizes For ‘Body Shaming’

Cyclist Sir Chris Hoy has apologized for making a “tongue-in-cheek” comment regarding Lycra. 

Hoy, who has won six Olympic gold medals, took to Twitter to apologize for saying anyone weighing more than 8st (49kg) looks “awful” in Lycra.

Hoy made the “tongue-in-cheek” comment in a GQ article when he said amateur cyclists do not need to wear Lycra to look good.

“Lycra isn’t the most elegant material you can wear and professional cycling gear generally looks awful on pretty much anyone heavier than 8st,” he said in the Article.

The comment led to criticism that he was ‘body shaming’ fat cyclists.

He also criticized so-called “Mamil’s,” middle aged men in Lycra, saying he felt sorry for them.

“Personally, I feel sorry for mamils,” he wrote. “When they walk into a cafe dressed head-to-toe in Lycra, you always spot people sniggering at them,” he said.

Hoy then suddenly changed his mind on the subject as he tweeted his apology.

“As a 14+stone MAMIL myself, this was a tongue-in-cheek article that wasn’t meant to offend,” he said in a tweet. “I’m really sorry; reading it back it looks harsh & that wasn’t my intention. Whatever ur age/build, if ur on a bike u have my respect.”

Karen Wheeler claims Lycra makes her feel good about herself.
Via BBC/Karen Wheeler

Whether he apologized or not, his original comment was not wrong.

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