CEO Employs Nakedly Hypocritical Attempt To “Fight Hate”, Drags Company In To Politicize Whole Business

MGM Resorts International demonstrates allegiance to terrorists and far-left organizations with sizable donations.

The groups CEO Jim Murren has thrown his support for include Hamas-affiliated CAIR, SPLC, and the ADL. Pamela Geller reports on her website:

The ADL shouldn’t be funded, it should be sued for fraud. They raise money on the premise that they “fight antisemitism.” On the contrary, they fuel and align with the world’s most vicious Jew-haters. Longtime Geller Report readers are well educated in the vicious, duplicitous anti-Jewish leadership of the ADL. I have crossed swords with the vicious leftist “Jewish” organization, the ADL, for years, and have written extensively on the ADL’s attacks on Jews that they perpetrate while claiming to fight antisemitism. It’s to laugh, it’s to cry.

The FBI had to sever all ties to CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) because of their ties to terror groups such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR advises Muslims not to cooperate with the FBI, and as our ad showed, numerous CAIR officials have been convicted on jihad terror charges.

The SPLC, traffickers in blood libel and incitement to murder, is a hate group that the left counts on to smear, defame and destroy those who are brave enough to oppose their totalitarian agenda. This Soros-funded opposition research smear machine never identifies leftist or Muslim hate groups, and demonizes legitimate opposition to the left’s agenda by lumping it in with neo-Nazis and the KKK.”

Wayne Allyn Root of The Las Vegas Review-Journal had this to add:

“In response to what he sees as the racism, bigotry, intolerance and violence in the wake of Charlottesville, Murren announced last week that MGM will match employee contributions to a collection of groups that include extreme leftist organizations and Muslim advocacy outfits.

Murren is so wildly wrong, so spectacularly reckless, so disastrously offensive to many of his customers, I believe it’s time for a shareholder revolt.

Not because of his personal views. I don’t care about them. It’s a free country. But no CEO should involve his company in controversial politics, let alone the funding of extreme and radical organizations. Murren has just put MGM in bed with an organization that has ties to Islamic terrorism.

Does MGM’s board approve of the CEO using company statements and shareholder money to offend 63 million Trump voters? How about every conservative in America? How about Christian customers? Families with children? How about anyone who is not a fan of Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood?

Because I am certain millions of MGM customers will be shocked when they find out to whom Murren has tied his company.”

In truly delightful twist, Root then goes so far as to openly condemn the judgment of aligning with those “backed by controversial radical Marxist George Soros”. Of the specific organizations, Root objects most stringently to donations made to CAIR due to their known terrorist affiliation and their advisement, “Muslims not to cooperate with the FBI“. He also points out that SPLC has, unsurprisingly, been struggling with a complete inability to recognize anything resembling degree of offense by placing ordinary conservatives they disagree on par with literal Nazis and KKK members. Root does not express an opinion regarding the ADL’s character.

Our nation is only becoming more aware of the hypocrisy displayed by Leftists.  Murren’s choice to align not only himself but his company with extremists does not speak well for liberal business management, but then they’ve never had much reputation for practicality or sense.

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Las Vegas Review-Journal

The Geller Report



  1. Jesse James

    August 30, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    Dude just dropped the Finger of God (also known as an F5 tornado) of logic on some fools.

    Like an F5 hitting the center of Manhattan, is the equivalent of what Root’s logic just did the Id center of liberal SJW ideology.

    I must admit I will have to find some time to cry over the popcorn in my teeth as I watched in breathless excitement.

    No love, nor sleep, lost here.

    • Myra C. Lambert

      August 30, 2017 at 8:19 pm

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  2. harlan leys

    August 31, 2017 at 2:55 am

    Defamation is every true-blooded American’s civic duty.

    ‘Fame, fame, fatal fame. It plays hideous tricks on the brain’. Everyone deserves taking down a peg or two. And the famous have too many pegs for their own, let alone everyone else’s well being.

    In New York Times v. Sullivan (1964), the Supreme Court struck down a libel case ruling, declaring that “wide open” debate and “caustic” expression was protected speech.

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