UK’s Youngest Transgender To Undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery For The THIRD Time

The UK’s youngest transgender individual is undergoing surgery to switch their gender for the THIRD TIME.

According to The Mirror, Ria Cooper was born a boy, transitioned to a woman at 15, then transitioned back to being a boy at 18.

Don’t ask us how. 

Ria, who was born as Brad, has had thousands of dollars worth of hormones paid for by the government. Ria also got a 34EE boob job by the age of 18. From age 15 to age 18 Ria took hormones to become a girl on the government’s dime but at 18, after prolific use of drugs and alcohol and numerous suicide attempts, Ria decided it would be better to be Brad again.

So, Brad transitioned back to being a man. Another reason Ria decided to do this was because she was exposed in a documentary for being a literal whore. That’s right, Ria decided since men only want ‘her’ for sex that she’d begin charging them for it.

However, according to Ria/Brad they still didn’t feel that they could live life as a gay man and they’re deciding to transition again.

These are the exact type of people we should put in the military, said no one ever.

Ria Cooper’s disgusting antics and ‘forward’ sexual advances can be seen in this 47-minute documentary titled Diary of a Teenage Transexual.

DOCS: Ria – Diary Of A Teenage Transsexual

SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: 18-year-old Rhianna Cooper from Hull is in many ways just like any other teenage girl. However, in one way Ria is very different. Ria is actually a boy called Bradley who, with the blessing of his mother, stepfather and three sisters, has been living his life as a girl since he first snuck out to a nightclub wearing a wig, makeup and a dress aged just 13.

Ria talks about how hard it was growing up on the hormones she chose to be on…

Speaking to The Mirror, Ria said:

“On the surface I was hard as nails, but underneath it hurt like hell. The puberty blockers and hormones made me moody and angry, I was all over the place. My mum supported me, but I moved out and went wild, drinking and taking drugs to cope with being different. I made so many mistakes.”

Ria reportedly took part in a documentary which revealed her work as a ‘ladyboy…’

“I was so ashamed,” she says. “I fell in love with a guy from the Army and he even introduced me to his family.

“We didn’t talk about my past, but they knew who I was and accepted it. Then his friends found out and that was it.

“It was the same pattern every time I met someone. So I decided if the only use men had for me was sex, then I’d charge them.”

Ria says that’s why they decided to change back to being a man, even if for just a few months…

“Every time I met someone they’d say, ‘You’re the girl from that documentary’. I couldn’t get away from it.

“It all became too much. I decided it would just all go away if I became male again.” But her brief spell as a boy lasted just a few months.

Ria thought that going back to being a boy would take away all the issues brought on by being a tranny…

“It just felt wrong,” she says. “I came to the realisation pretty quickly I was doing it because I wanted all the problems ­associated with being transgender to go away. I was no longer able to hide who I really am. Not for family, or friends or ­potential boyfriends. I have to be true to myself.”

Hope that the UK has plenty of money because next Ria wants to figure out how to have a baby…

“I’d love a child of my own,” she says. “I’d love to have a baby to cuddle and love and look after as they grow up. It’s not going to happen overnight, I know that. But I can dream can’t I?”

The Mirror made this short but cancerous video about Ria, perfect for those too scared to watch the documentary…

The Mirror



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