HuffPost Writer Demands Hollywood Cast More Trans Actors In Non-Trans Roles

According to HuffPost contributor Tony Zosherafatain, it is absolutely imperative that Hollywood begin assigning trans activists non-trans roles.

Apparently, all he/he needs for survival is a nice, mundane movie role, just playing herself/himself. Living normally. Contributing mightily to our rainbow, non-binary world.

Think of that trans waitress at your neighborhood Waffle House. You know, the one with the 5 o’clock shadow and maybe just a tuft of chest hair peeking from beneath the neckline of the yellow blouse of her Waffle House uniform.

That’s who apparently needs to star in the silver screen’s next great drama – not as a trans woman but as an ordinary woman.

It’s just so clear, Zosherafatain says in his HuffPost article, that transgender actors are being discriminated against.

“As is the case in many instances,” he writes, “trans actors are often pigeonholed into playing trans people or portraying characters who fall into prejudiced transgender tropes.”

One such trope, he argues, is the “‘desperate transgender prostitute’ who is often accused of murder or other criminal intent.”

“Though shows like ‘Orange is the New Black’ have revolutionized LGBTQ characters on television, it’s interesting to note that trans actress Laverne Cox plays Sophia Burset, a trans woman imprisoned for fraudulent credit card usage. While ‘Orange’ does shed light on many trans issues (and Laverne is talented in her role), including the plight of trans women in prison, it falls into continued themes of portraying trans people as ‘criminals’ and ‘deception artists.'”

Even worse, he writes, is when “cisgender” actors are hired to play trans characters.

“Likely, it’s an intentional pattern meant to depict trans people in a certain light, while giving cisgender actors the chance to mimic trans people,” he says of that practice.

“The path forward is for Hollywood to carve out more roles for trans actors, or, for queer and trans independent filmmakers, to take matters into their own hands as was done in ‘Spot.’”

Zosherafatain really likes Spot. In the indie movie, trans actors portray characters whose sexual identity is never stated.

Like Seinfeld, other than the shrinkage episode.


A group of twenty-somethings circle around a stoop and share a joint when one of them gets lost in the mystery and beauty of the urban sidewalk. A mosaic of stories emerge. With diversity and representation, Spot subverts both traditional ideals of storytelling and acting. Spot is comprised of an entirely transgender cast.

“Movies like ‘Spot’ provide a good blueprint for Hollywood, where more trans actors should be recruited to play a wide range of roles, including everyday ones. For Hollywood to show that we as trans people exist everyday, everywhere is to truly humanize us,” Zosherafatain writes.

“More films should portray trans people in everyday situations, evoking universal themes of finding love, searching for meaning, and finding happiness,” he says.

Maybe a few non-binary burps or farts would help the humanizing progress.




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