Video: Trump Roasts “Highly Overrated” Elizabeth Warren, Causes Mass Butthurt

In a Fox & Friends appearance today, President Donald Trump let loose on Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), calling her “a highly overrated voice.”

“How do you overcome that when Sen. Elizabeth Warren says people are literally going to die because of GOP’s health care bill?” asked host Pete Hegseth.

“I think she’s a hopeless case,” came the President’s reply. “I call her Pocahontas. And that’s an insult to Pocahontas. I actually think that she’s somebody that’s got a lot of hatred, a lot of anger.”

“I watched her campaigning for Hillary and she was so angry,” he continued.

“Hillary would be sitting back listening to her, trying to smile, but there were a lot of people in the audience that were going, ‘wow, is this what we want?’ There’s a lot of anger there and hostility. So, no, I think she’s a highly overrated voice.”

See President Donald Trump’s full interview with Fox & Friends below.

Over on social media, mass triggering has ensued among leftists.

The triggering is so fierce that one user has apparently mistaken President Trump for Bill Clinton.

President Trump’s description of Warren as “Pocahontas” is a reference to allegations that the Senator lied about having Native American heritage.

As The Washington Post reported during the 2016 campaign cycle – which is when Trump’s “Pocahontas” remarks began to make waves – “Warren has claimed Cherokee and Delaware Indian heritage, citing family stories. She did not have any documentation of her Native American ancestry to prove it, even though Cherokee groups demanded it.”

After the veracity of claim was called into question, Warren fought hard against detractors, even going as far as to refer to a relative’s cheekbones as proof.

Her claim of Native American heritage has never been proven and the controversy continues to haunt her to this day.

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