Watch: Jason Whitlock Rips Democratic Party, Al Sharpton For Their Damage To Black America

Fox Sports 1 personality Jason Whitlock weighed in on Black Lives Matter, gun control and other topics during an interview with Dave Rubin on “The Rubin Report” this week.

When Rubin asked if Democratic policies have contributed negatively to black communities, Whitlock said yes.

“This far left progressive ideology, I think, is a shell game, it’s a trick, it’s a mirage. We tell you we are for black people. I wrote in the Wall Street Journal this week about [how] President Clinton was an expert at making black people think he felt their pain. And he was an expert at creating policies that intensified that pain,” he said.

“President Clinton loved us to death, but instituted some mandatory minimum sentencing policies, some drug war policies that contributed greatly to mass incarceration, which is crippling black people,” Whitlock said.

Jason Whitlock on Gun Control, Media Outrage, and Black Lives Matter (Pt. 1)

Jason Whitlock (Sports Journalist) joins Dave Rubin to discuss Trump, the establishment, why he disagrees with the second amendment, police misconduct within the black community, mass incarceration, Twitter and media outrage, Black Lives Matter, and more.

In part two of the interview with Rubin, Whitlock touched on the issues of racism and LeBron James, as well as Trump.

“There was a time where our victimhood was powerful,” said Whitlock on racism. “And so you go back to the 1960’s, 1950’s when we were denied the right to vote, when we were denied to go into schools, when we were denied where we could sit on a bus, where we couldn’t sit in stadiums, when there was Jim Crow segregation on the books.”

“True victimhood did move people,” he continued. “People would sit back and go ‘man that ain’t right we gotta fix that, that’s unfair, that’s a human being and we are denying them the same rights as everyone else.’ And so playing up our victimhood, at that point, it was tremendous strategy and it worked, and it won us rights.”

Whitlock went on to say that people like Al Sharpton came in and mimicked Dr Martin Luther King.

“When Dr. King had won the battle for rights, and that’s all that America promises you, rights. America does not promise you your feelings will never be hurt. America doesn’t promise you that people will never call you a bad name. The world doesn’t promise you that. America’s constitution promises you rights. They won use those rights,” he said.

“So our next leaders and our next movement had to be about ‘how do we take advantage of these rights we have won.’ Instead Jesse and Al, and most of us as African-Americans, we are still mimicking Dr. King and that movement, and think there are some rewards to be won by playing up our victimhood.”

Watch the second part of the interview below.

Jason Whitlock on Lebron James, Racism, and Trump (Pt. 2)

Jason Whitlock (Sports Journalist) joins Dave Rubin to discuss the controversy surrounding his comments about Lebron James, racism in America, victimhood, dealing with haters, Donald Trump, and more. ***Subscribe: Watch Dave’s full interview with Jason Whitlock (Sports Journalist) here: WATCH – “The Left is No Longer Liberal”: ****** The Rubin Report is fan funded: SUPPORT MONTHLY (Patreon): SUPPORT ONE-TIME (PayPal): What are your thoughts?




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