Advocacy Groups Call For Firearm Rights In Britain Following Several Terror Attacks

Following numerous deadly terror attacks this year, pro-gun groups in Britain are increasingly calling for citizens to receive the right to bear arms.

An initiative called Carry Now is growing in England and demanding that the government “allow law-abiding, reliable and trained citizens to carry CCW for self-defence in Europe.”

The initiative is backed by Firearms United, a group in Europe advocating for similar pro-gun initiatives all across the continent.

“These tragedies may have been the eye opener to just how ineffective our laws are,” Firearms-UK representative Dave Ewing reportedly told Voactive following last Saturday’s terror attack in London.

Watch Carry Now’s latest video ‘you can’t disarm them with kindness:’

Firearms-UK is spreading the word on Twitter too:

Firearms United made a post on Facebook that fairly summarizes their motivations: is now live. Firearm United’s campaign demanding a EU-wide shall-issue concealed carry legislation has been in the works for quite some time, even while we were fighting against the EU gun ban.

In the European Union you can find fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, emergency exits and defibrillators in most public places, and rightly so: these tools do not make up for a medic or a fireman, but they save lives while waiting for professional help.

This widely accepted concept however is almost never applied to firearms: the only effective mean to deter a violent attacker, be it a common criminal or a terrorist, from fulfilling his goals. You also can’t underestimate the positive effect of armed public on public safety – the deterrent effect of firearms has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. In light of the recent terrorist attacks and to give the average citizen a chance to deter violent crime, this needs to change, NOW.

We demand that law-abiding, reliable and trained citizens are allowed to carry a firearm to protect themselves and others if need arises, while waiting for the authorities to intervene.

They’ve also expressed their disgust at the government for not allowing their own citizens to carry guns while be slaughtered by knives and cars…

Yup another attack featuring motor vehicles and knifes. More innocent people injured or killed and still our government…

Posted by Firearms-UK on Saturday, June 3, 2017

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