“Trans Girl” Makes No Effort To Transition, Sweeps Actual Girls Track Meets & Brags About It

Andraya Yearwood, 15, who is a biological male that ‘identifies’ as female, yet hasn’t taken any steps to transition, has reportedly swept a state high school track meet in Connecticut.

According to The Day, Yearwood received permission to join the Cromwell High girls track team, despite competing as a boy in middle school.

According to the outlet, Yearwood has been extremely ‘successful’ competing against females, taking the top spot from the usual, ‘more traditional’ winner.

Being taller, stronger and even sporting a faint moustache, Yearwood thoroughly crushed every female opponent.

According to The Day, Yearwood (on the right), won the 100 and 200 meter runs.

“Andraya’s times in the 100 and the 200 are fast. A year ago, her 11.99 in the 100 would have won the Class M title and put her second at the State Open, .01 seconds behind the winning time. And Andraya ran Wednesday in cold conditions, and without starting blocks. She is expected to get faster,” says The Hartford Courant.

Yearwood recently bragged to the media after she won the Class M contest. “It feels really good. I’m really happy to win both titles,” he said. “I kind of expected it. I’ve always gotten first, so I expected it to some extent. … I’m really proud of it.”

Kate Hall, who is a junior at Stonington High School, spent several years, until this year, crossing the finish line first.

Hall came second this year in the Class M with a time of 12.83, narrowly losing to Yearwood despite his advantages. Yearwood got first with a time of 12.66.

“There’s not much I can do,” said Hall after coming second. “Second doesn’t work for me. Yeah, it does, in a way, for the team. But you come into a state championship meet looking to win a state title. I had an awesome chance. I could have done a lot of things (differently). If I’d run my best, I could have won it.”

Stonington coach Ben Bowne said that Hall was “emotional.”

“She works really hard. I’ve just been telling Kate all year, ‘Just run your best. She’s going to help you run better. … (Kate) is a really competitive athlete. She doesn’t like to lose to anybody. She’s a competitor. To run the best, you’ve got to go against good competition.”

“I’m getting attention from places I don’t even know about,” said Yearwood as she smiled.

Yearwood’s mother, Ngozi Nnaji, told the Courant that she knows that people will criticize. “I know they’ll say it is unfair and not right,” she said.  “But my counter to that is: ‘Why not?’ She is competing and practicing and giving her all and performing and excelling based on her skills. Let that be enough. Let her do that and be proud of that.”

Yearwood commented on being transgender to the Courant. “I do hope I inspire people, but not only with track. I hope it inspires people to not hold yourself back just because you’re scared of it or it is your first time doing it, or because of other people’s negativity.”

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